Montajes de Castilla la Mancha S.L (MCM) was founded on November 24th, 1998 by three associates coming from the nuclear sector that possessed ample experience in the industrial sector (refinery and petrochemical). As a result of this, MCM was born, specialized in the manufacturing and mechanical assembly of industrial facilities.

Our experience during the last 20 years has covered the environmental sector, specifically in water treatment (water treatment plants, desalination plants, water pumping stations, water supply). We have carried out mechanical equipment assembly (pumps, agitators, membranes, diffusers), as well as supply, manufacturing and assembly of all pipes, supports and, in general, the installation of every in-line element (valves, dismantling joints, flowmeters, instrumentation, etc.)

20 years of work improving and growing at the service of our customers


Foundation date


Begin in the environment sector wastewater and water treatment plant.


First international jobs EDAR Aveiro Norte (Portugal).


First Desalination plant IDAM la Caleta (Tenerife)


Certification as installers and repairers of pressure vessels


Consolidation international jobs, PTAR Bello-Medellin (Colombia).


Slurry treatment cogeneration plant, Biogastur Navia (Asturias).


Consolidation into desalination works,Desalination Shuaibah III (Arabia).


Certification ISO 9001.


Our facilities are composed of two industrial units for production, apart from an office unit, a storehouse and a service area. With a total surface of 4.200 m2

Duplex, superduplex and stainless steel workshop (Piping and boilerworks)

This industrial unit has approximately 1.700m2 and two 5T bridge cranes. We have the necessary means for the fabrication and treatment of these metals, separating them completely from carbon steel ones in the industrial units and selecting the correct tool.

In addition, we have an area for pickling and passivation of welded parts including an immersion pool, indoors.

Carbon and molybdenum chromium steel workshop (Piping, boilerworks and structures)

This industrial unit has approximately 1.800m2and a higher production capacity, since it has got two 10T bridge cranes. Apart from the necessary means for the correct development of works.

We have a series of collaborating companies to apply treatments after manufacturing, both sandblasting and paint, or galvanizing with heat immersion.


We are a small company with a highly efficient team, since we have good workers integrated in our organization who are growing professionally in-house.

Workers per group

  • Technicians in charge
  • Engineers
  • DDraughtsman
  • Administrative
  • Pipes and boilworkers
  • Welders
  • Assistants

Our main workforce is composed by 29 workers, number that increases depending on ongoing projects.

Machinery and Resources

We have got our own specialized machinery to cover every possible ongoing work providing the best quality. In addition, we work with other companies to ensure supply in extraordinary situations and in workload peaks.


  • Bridge crane 2 x 10 Ton
  • Bridge crane 2x 5 Ton
  • automatic cut-off saw 2 Uds
  • Cut 500mm
  • Cut 260 mm
  • Punching machine GK 80 Ton
  • Bevelling
  • Drill Ø 32mm
  • Cylinder for bending plates 12mm x 2.000mm
  • Automatic slitter 3.000 x 6 mm
  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Compressor de 5 HP
  • Semi automatic welding machine (8 units)
  • Manual welding machine (16 units)
  • Hand tools and mounting facilities
  • Van (5 units)
  • Boom truck 15 Ton