Most of our activity, up to date, has been carried out in the public sector and, more specifically, in the environment. We are increasingly diversifying our projects to other sectors, like energy production and private industries, in general.

We have carried out business initiatives with various engineering, construction and installer companies, to collaborate in future projects, both national and international.

Manufacturing process on our facilities


Our professional activity is focused on water treatment, that is part of the environmental sector. In MCM we have manufactured the pipeline and assembled the equipment of manifold water treatment plants, desalination plants, water treatment plants and pumping stations. Next we include one of them.


LOCATION : Madrid España

CUSTOMER : Sacyr-Sadyt

OWNERSHIP : Canal de Isabel II

DATE : 2014

MATERIALS : Stainless Steel 316-L

TOTAL INCHES : 27.000"

The water treatment plant located in Madrid has last generation water treatment systems and serves the 16,000 people who live in the municipalities of Pelayos de la Presa, San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Cenicientos, Cadalso de los Vidrios and Rozas de Puerto Real.

MCM calderería participated manufacturing and assembling all stainless steel pipes, supports, manholes and special pieces. We also assemble the mechanical equipment (pumps, blowers, cassettes, filters, agitators, instrumentation, etc)

Photos of manufacture in workshop

Photos of installation on site


In this sector we have participated in different renewable energy projects, both photovoltaic and wind. In addition, we have specialized in cogeneration plants based on biogas produced in sludge treatment processes.


LOCATION : Navia (Asturias) España

CUSTOMER : Lonjas Tecnología

OWNERSHIP : Biogastur

DATE : 2017

MATERIALS : Carbon Steel 106GrB y Steel 13CrMo

TOTAL INCHES : 16.000"

It is one of the largest projects in renewable energgías of generation of biogas from the treatment of purines. The plant will allow the annual elimination of 34,000 tons of C02, which represents a large amount of polluting material and will have a clear impact on the reduction of conventional energy consumption in the environment, as well as allowing the development of a maximum quality fertilizer product.

Work has been maded in the manufacture and assembly of pipes and supports in lower and high temperature circuit, cooling of engines, ventilation of the engine room, and chimneys for exhaust gases and heating circuits.

In addition all the mechanical equipment has been assembled, that is to say, pumps, agitators, motogenerator, boiler, dry cooler, silencer, water interchangers, exchangers of exhaust gases, instrumentation etc.

Photos of manufacture in workshop

Photos of installation on site


After the first projects carried out in the industrial sector (refinery and petrochemicals) during the first years of activity, we have returned to the sector with new projects for the paper and food industry.


LOCATION : Madrid España

CUSTOMER : Ferrovial-Cadagua

OWNERSHIP : International Paper

DATE : 2018

MATERIALS : Stainless Steel 316-L


International Paper is one of the world's leading producers of fiber, cellulose pulp and paper packaging. In 2016, it bought the Holmen paper manufacturer in Fuenlabrada to reconvert it from a producer of recycled paper to corrugated cardboard.

The works of manufacture and assembly of pipe, rack and supports have been made to provide services to the water, mud and biogas lines. In addition, mechanical equipment has been assembled: pumps, blowers, gas, torch, coolers, scrubber and instrumentation.

Photos of manufacture in workshop

Photos of installation on site